Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on

After some discussions with the OTN people, we decided that soa-security is not a project, but rather a category (ok, a sub-category under soa). I created a new project under the soa-security category

OES SSPI Providers

The thinking is to use this project for WLS SSPI plug-ins that we use that are OES specific. The two I have in mind are:

  • OESBPELAuditor - the ability to audit changes to the OES policies are store them in XML, such that a BPEL process could consume the changes
  • OESAdjuductor - the previously mentioned adjudicator that makes integrating the OES WLS-SM more straight forward, but only apply OES decisions to OES resources and XACML decisions to WLS resources.

Seems likely that OWSM custom steps and assertions could also make a home in the soa-security sub category. As always, I'm open to suggestions, and I'm sure that this will evolve over time. Most of security is a configuration and administration problem, but there are occasions when some coding is required, and now by using, there is a vehicle to get this information out.

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