Friday, October 16, 2009

Oracle Entitlement Server patches

I've gotten quite a few questions about where to find the OES patches on Metalink and thought it better to publish publicly.

To get OES CP2 login to metalink and then select in order:
  • Patches and Updates
  • Quick Links to: Latest Patchsets, Mini Packs and Maintenance Packs
  • Oracle Entitlements Server
  • MS Windows 32 bit
  • 10g R3
Obviously if you want Linux or Solaris patches swap that for Windows.

Also don't forget when installing OES that you have to have a static IP address for the admin server. You can probably do an install on a DHCP enabled host but the next time you get a new IP address everything will go sideways.

Update: As of April 2010 CP4 is now available and is recommended for all users using OES.

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