Saturday, October 10, 2009

They will let anyone have a SubVersion repository

I've created a new project on called soa-security. I see it as an extension of the information provided on this blog. Even though I recently updated the site with some "fancy" code style sheets, there is some stuff that you just need to the code to run and fully understand.

The first project I created was for the OESBPELAuditProvider. What is that you say? Well, this is an AuditProvider that can be configured to run inside of an OES Admin Server. It looks for specific messages that the Admin Server creates when policies are changed, and cpatures those changes in an XML file on the admin server. It creates them in the "pending" folder. When the changes are finally picked up by an SM (also audited), the XML files are copied from the "pending" folder to the "committed" folder. The idea would be for a BPEL process, using a file adapter to then go do something with these messages. The most obvious use of this would be to then go an calculate a whole bunch of authorizations.

The launch page for the project is

I'm relatively new to the samplecode site, but I'm not sure of the visibility of this project right now. May need some "approvals". Also, I think you may need to request access to the SubVersion repository....I'll check and see what I can do to make it publicly readable.

This will be the first of many project to be added there...but if other people have their own work and are you need a SubVersion repository to place it in...consider ours.

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