Monday, October 12, 2009

OOW Initial Impressions

Since I had to get up a 4 am to make my 6 am flight out to OOW, I am a little tired, but I had a few minutes back at the hotel before going out to dinner with IDM PM team, so just wanted to muster a quick post.

I forget how BIG Oracle is sometimes. OOW is a massive production, like an invasion of the Moscone center. It took me many minutes inside of the Oracle Demo grounds to find FMW, then IDM, then the people I was looking for to prep for my session tomorrow.

Once inside, some good discussions about a few use cases. I'll put this one out to the blog - in the OES, OWSM integration "Where should the policies for authorization, and specifically the policy defining the XPath of the attributes OES needs for authorization be managed?" For the presentation, I have them in OES policy, but I think there is a reasonable argument for them being defined inside of the OWSM policy. My thinking is that the encryption and signing policy (i.e. what parts of the body should be signed) are managed there...why not something like "Authorization XPath". Its obviously not as flexible....OES can determine on a per use or per role basis which attributes are required, but sometimes simpler is better, and maybe just having XPath defined in OWSM makes more sense. I'm on the fence...push me over.

Lunch with the boss, who even though I've worked for him for many years, I rarely get to see him face-to-face. Sushi across the street from Moscone is always good.

Also, at Hasan Rizvi's keynote, he made mention of a "standards based security platform for all of FMW" which is code for OPSS....solid mention.

Vikas and I finally huddled up and reviewed the demo/presentation for tomorrow. I'm excited, I think it all has come together quite nicely. Hopefully, I'll see some of you there tomorrow afternoon.

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