Friday, March 15, 2013

My White Paper on OAM Mobile and Social

Back in December I started putting together a White Paper on OAM 11g R2's new Mobile and Social capabilities. The paper covered the work we did for a Proof of Concept for a bank's new mobile banking application. Between the end of year holidays, a bunch of other projects and a long vacation the whole process of getting it all down on paper, reviewed and published took much longer than I expected to, but the paper is finally ready.

If you're interested in writing iOS apps that authenticate against OAM and then access REST services protected by OAM this paper might be right up your alley.

The paper is available from the Mobile and Social Access Services page on Just scroll down to the Technical Information section and hit the link Oracle Mobile and Social Case Study - Mobile Banking Application (PDF) (or just click that link).

If you read it and have ideas, questions, comments, or even absurd remarks I'm all ears!


  1. The papers are very helpful, Thank you for the effort.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Is it possible you can provide us with the PoC code base for both the iOS client app ( for us to load in Xcode and modify if needed like Bundle Identifier etc.) and also the Server Side REST Services ( servlets). Would appreciate that.
    Also, I have a comment regarding the integration with OAAM for strong authentication like device finger printing, OTP or KBA etc. If you can add a section that talks about integration with OAAM it would be nice.
    It is a great article. thanks and appreciate it.

  3. Raja: It's probably best to get in touch with your sales rep or consultant. They can reach me through internal channels and get everything you need PLUS they can help you deploy it. If you don't have direct access to them shoot me an email at christopher dot johnson at


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