Monday, March 17, 2014

Part 2: Advanced Apache JMeter Stress Testing OAM and LDAP

In “Part 1: How To Load Test OAM11g using Apache JMeter” I talked about an example plan that could be used to load test OAM11g, which included some common configuration elements, some samplers for login, authorization, logout, and some listeners that provided result analysis.   In Part 2, I wanted to expand on an option to make JMeter send random logins and I will explain why, and then cover how to leverage JMeter to load test an LDAP server like OUD, OID, ODSE, or OVD.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Strategies for managing OAAM to OAM connections in production

Many Oracle Access Management 11g customers opt to deploy a combination of Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Adaptive Access Manager using the Advanced Integration option. This combination of product features can provide strong, adaptive authentication and fraud mitigation for online applications. In this post, we examine a number of strategies for configuring the connectivity between these components in order to provide scalability and high availability for production deployments.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oracle Access Manager - What's new in PS2

Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 - PS2 is now out!  This post will cover some of the new features in PS2.
There are six new features I will discuss:
  • Dynamic Authentication
  • Persistent Login (Remember Me)
  • Policy Evaluation Ordering
  • Delegated Administration
  • Unified Administration Console
  • Session Management
    • Granular Idle Timeout
    • Client Cookie based Session

Monday, January 27, 2014

OIM monitoring check-list

Systematic monitoring of OIM deployments helps to reduce risk of both technical and security related issues. It also can help to avoid performance degradation that can happen because of data growth over time. This post presents a set of topics about OIM and WebLogic monitoring, and it presents tools that can be used for both monitoring and diagnostic.This list is not intended to replace any official product documentation, instead, it should be used in conjunction with it.

This is another post in the OIM academy series. You can check the complete series here.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Multi-Data Center Implemenation in Oracle Access Manager

For obvious reasons, there is a high demand for Multi-Data Center (MDC) topology; which is now supported in Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g.  This post discusses some of the features of MDC as well as provide some detail steps on how to clone a secondary data center.  This post is based on R2PS1 code base.  With PS2 there are some new features that I will cover below.  Here is the PS2 document library for reference.