Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Retrieving and Setting HTTP Headers in BPEL

The capability to retrieve and set HTTP headers in BPEL was recently added to Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Edwin Biemond has written an excellent blog post on how to use this capability.

From a security/IDM perspective, I think this feature opens up the ability to create some interesting solutions whereby identity information is added to HTTP headers by OAM (or other SSO products) in the web tier and consumed by services in the app tier. It also makes it possible to pass identity data between services in HTTP headers and thereby ignore having to modify web service requests themselves.

I’ll only add as a warning to remember that end users have the capability to add whatever HTTP headers they want to the requests they make. So, solutions should be developed with this in mind. In particular, if you are going to create a solution that depends on BPEL consuming an HTTP header created by an OAM response, you need to take steps to either ensure that this header really came from OAM (by signing or encrypting it) or take steps to ensure that all requests to BPEL really did originate by coming through the web tier with OAM.

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