Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun 2 Oracle Upgrade Waveset to OIM Part 1

This post is for our former Sun customers out there that are using the Waveset Identity Management product.

Recently, there was a webcast on the subject of moving from Waveset to OIM with a particular focus on connectors.  The webcast was recorded and can be found here.  The slides have also been published separately and can be found here.

To be a part of the next session on October 25th 2011 at 9am Pacific, please register.

The  webcast mentions the self paced learning guide for OIM - this can be found on the learning website. In addition you can get the latest guide posted on our website. In addition, during the session Raghu discussed step by step instructions for doing self service UI customizations on OIM. These steps can be found documented online.  If you have not read the upgrade guide that compares and contrasts objects in Waveset and OIM you can get a copy from our site.

If you would like to join the discussion group hosted on send a note to The access is restricted to customers only.
Avantika and Raghu have documented answers to the questions asked during the session

Q: Reconciliation - can this be configured to update attributes on the target system in OIM
A: Yes OIM reconciliation can push values out to target resources.

Q: Netbeans can create a remote project for Waveset is there an equivalent for Jdeveloper for OIM ?
A: The answer is no.

Q: Deferred Task in Waveset can be  stored on the user object so that periodically these tasks can perform maintenance like removing excessive access. Is this similar in OIM? How does this work in OIM ?
A: In OIM these work as "scheduled tasks" - they run in the background - these tasks are  not attached to the specific user object but operate similarly. They are configured as general events and basically the task looks for a user with the general event.

Q: Workflow in Waveset, do we provide automated tool to convert workflows ?
A: Customers have to re-define workflows OIM. In most cases the configuration is simplified in OIM. One example, where all self-service workflows were configured from scratch in Waveset, OIM provides workflow templates per resource.

Q: What is the equivalent of Activesynch from Waveset in OIM ?
A: The OIM "Reconciliation" feature provides the same capability as the "ActiveSynch" Feature in Waveset.

Q: How does Waveset integration with OIA compare to OIM integration with OIA ?
A:  Today the OIM integration more advanced that the integration in Waveset. Since patchset 1 released in June, OIM provides risk scoring feedback directly to OIA along with all of the preventative SOD checking and Role integration provided by Waveset

Q: What about look and feel customization can we do this in OIM ?
A: Yes - similar to Waveset OIM allows look and feel customization

If you would like to join the discussion group on please send a note to the alias  The discussion group is restricted to customers. Any other questions send to the alias and I've been told you will get you a response. 

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