Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oracle Entitlements Server 11g launch party!

OK, well maybe party isn't the right word, but there is a launch event:

We will be offering a live launch webcast featuring Roger Wigenstam from Oracle and Swapnil Mehta from SENA systems on Jul 14 at 10 am PT. The webcast is titled “Introducing Oracle Entitlements Server 11g” . During this webcast we will cover what’s new in Oracle Entitlements Server 11g in addition to recommendations for planning a real world deployment for externalizing authorization from apps.
Roger is a Product Manager at Oracle in charge of OES, OPSS, OWSM and OEG (technically he's a Senior Director of Product Management).

Swapnil is the Director of SENA Systems' Global Access Management Practice. I've worked with him since I went to work at BEA as part of the sales team for OES' predecessor product Aqualogic Entitlements Server.

The product has been improved and enhanced quite dramatically in the 11g release and there's plenty to talk about. This event is basically two really smart guys talking about what's in OES 11g and why we're all pretty excited about the release.

More information on the event is available on the event page.

Those of you that can't make it to the online event can rest assured that I'll be blogging a whole lot more about OES 11g here for both new and existing users of OES!

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