Tuesday, April 20, 2010

OES 10gR3 CP4 Now Available

New Certifications

9057333 Certify WLP 10.3 SSM
9383690 Certify OES Admin and WLS SSM on WLS 10.3.2
9198055 OES 10gR3 Admin/SSM certification for Tomcat 5.5.26
9471409 Certify 10gR3 ON HPUX 11.31 64 bit OS

Some bug fixes

9361693 Backport config tool to support scoped and non scoped policies.
The properties file used as input for ConfigTool now includes a new
configuration (scope.policy.model = true) to indicate if one requires
organization scoped policies or use the non organization scoped ALES 30
style policies. If scoped model is set to true, the config tool prompts
for organization name to scope the policy entities, otherwise thie tool
prompts for the resource root to scope the policies.

9248336 Policy distribution takes too long for large policy sets
A new configuration PD.simpleDistributionThreshold=1000 is included as
part of the the WLESblm.properties file. If the calculated delta to distribute
exceeds the configured value, a full policy distribution is made.

9367053 BLM API has slow performance with large resource datasets
BLM API now uses lazy loading for handling resources and attributes.
To turn off lazy loading and work in the older mode, a new configuration
BLM.lazyLoadResource=false is added to the WLESblm.properties configuration

9207105 Removal of wsdl4j from OES
Replace wsldl4j.jar with oracle wsdl implementation to meet common code
compliance requirements across oracle products.

8826278 Policies imported from resource discovery no visible under EUI
Fixed resource discovery modules.

9328300 Using SYS_DEFINED aborted ATZ evaluation for missing attribute retriever
Fixed attribute retriever modules.

9081515 Audit logging does not log granted role names
Fixed audit modules to log role names.

9025166 Caching does not see to be working for policies created from EUI
Fixed caching modules.

I wanted to call attention to a few items. The first is the certification for OES on WLS 10.3.2. As Chris pointed out previously, since the certification is in the CP, you need to patch to the CP first, and then do then do the install.

The next item is the enhancements to the config tool. As people will recall from this summer, there were a number of issues around the scoped orgs and apps and the config tool. These are all fixed.

Finally, the policy distribution for large policy sets. As we've discussed on this blog, there are some times where you do want to model a lot (read: thousands) of resources in OES, and this can result in some very large policy distributions. CP4 has some enhancements for these types of models.

So, my advice is to take a look at CP4, and if it makes sense go a head and upgrade. The engineering team has done a really good job of simplifying the patching process.

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