Monday, October 8, 2012

OAM and OIM 11g Academies

As many of you know, last year we created indexes of posts on OAM and OIM 11g R2 that we call OAM 11g Academy and OIM 11g Academy.

These indexes contain the articles we’ve written that we believe provide long lasting guidance on OAM and OIM.  Posts covered in these series include articles on key aspects of OAM and OIM 11g, best practice architectural guidance, integrations, and customizations.

It is our hope that these series will prove valuable to new and experience architects, implementers, and administrators of OAM and OIM.

Over the last few months, we haven’t been the best about updating these series to include new articles we’ve written.  That being said, we have gone back and brought the indexes up to date.  This is especially true on the OIM side where we have added many articles including some specifically on the new R2 release and have organized the index of articles into categories.

Going forward, it is our intent to continue to add to both the OAM and OIM series with lots of new content.

One thing to note, articles that apply specifically to R2 (and future releases) will explicitly say so in the index.  Likewise, any article that does not apply to the current release will be edited to note that.  Any other article in the indexes should be viewed as applying to all versions of 11g.
The links for the academy series are:

OAM 11g Academy

OIM 11g Academy

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