Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on the Identity and Access Management 11g Launch

Hopefully you all enjoyed Amit’s IAM 11g launch webinar. We will be adding a ton of content about the new software in the weeks and months to come but I wanted to get started and post a little bit of follow-up on the launch.

There is an ongoing identity manager launch center here.

The documentation for all the new products/versions in the release can be found in the current version of the Fusion Middleware Documentation Library here. There are links from there to the older product versions if you have a need for the older doc.

The actual software can be downloaded here:

Now to be honest, the package names and all the pre-requisite requirements are a little confusing so while we’ll hold off on doing install related blogs for another day, I want to clarify some things about the various packages and downloads that you see if you follow the link above.

The Oracle Identity and Access Management ( is the new package containing the new 11g versions of OAM and OIM; along with OAAM, OPSS (platform security layer that most Fusion Middleware security is built on), and APM (a tool for managing OPSS authorization policies).

The pre-requisites for this package include the full 11g version of the Oracle Database, the repository creation utility for Fusion Middleware, WebLogic 11g, and (perhaps surprisingly to many people), SOA Suite 11g which is needed for OIM 11g. Most people installing this package will also want or need an LDAP directory which is a good lead in to discussing the other big IDM package called Oracle Identity Management (

Oracle Identity Management is the original set of Identity Management products included in the Fusion Middleware 11g release that took place a year ago. It includes OID, OVD, OIF, and Enterprise Manager.

This package also requires the database and WebLogic. Additionally, you have to install before upgrading to

Finally, don’t get confused: the product Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) is in the package Oracle Identity and Access Management and not Oracle Identity Management!

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  1. Curious.. you mentioned " so while we’ll hold off on doing install related blogs for another day".. Any updates on this? the Oracle products were confusing.. this has added another level of confusion.. would love to see some tips/tricks etc on installing.. (the SOA Suite 11g being a prereq was the type of thing I wanted to hear!)



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