Thursday, September 24, 2009

The New WebLogic Server Book is Almost Here

The WebLogic Server Book is almost here, or more specifically my piece - the security chapter - is done. I literally just finished the samples - the online material that is the companion to the book. The samples include fully scripted SAML 2.0 for both WebSSO and for SAML Token Profile (Web Services), JAAS authentication, core JEE security and WLS custom application security. I wanted to do SPNEGO, but the target platform is XP, so not really practical.

Well, I'm off to NYC tomorrow (instead of home back to Boston), to go cover one of my favorite topics - fine grained entitlements for financial services customers. This is an extension of the discussion/architecture from last month, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll be taking the train back from NYC, so maybe I can get caught up on some posts that have been backed-up behind work, and getting book wrapped up.


  1. Hi Jos,

    Any eta on the release-date of the book?

  2. They tell me it will be out by Oracle Open World. So a few weeks.


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